How Phoenix Children’s Hospital Donations Are Used

John Pacheco, founder of Financial American Corporation, contributes to Make-A-Wish Arizona and the Arizona Humane Society. John Pacheco also supports Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). Contributions made to the PCH are applied to three critical areas:

Molecular Medicine: PCH sponsors research at the Ronald A. Matricaria Institute of Molecular Medicine to develop prevention methods and cures for various childhood diseases. Scientists are currently developing treatment options that allow medical professionals to personalize medications and therapies based on a person’s DNA.

Emergency and Trauma: The hospital stands out as the only provider in Arizona with a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. It employs expert emergency and trauma physicians to care for patients with critical illnesses as well as children who have endured a major accident.

Hope Fund: It is not uncommon for PCH to be faced with a challenge or receive an unprecedented opportunity requiring additional monetary support. The Hope Fund allows donors to assist PCH operations without any restriction on where donations are spent. This ensures PCH can utilize funds where they are most needed.


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