Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Molecular Medicine

A veteran of the investment industry, John W. Pacheco founded Financial American Corporation and served as chief executive officer for more than three decades. John W. Pacheco now leverages his success to contribute to a number of organizations, including the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital currently seeks financial support in the areas of emergency and trauma, the Hope Fund, and molecular medicine. The following explains more about molecular medicine.

1. Molecular medicine allows health-care professionals to look at an individual’s deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to plan a course treatment. This type of science is the first of its kind that caters specifically to individual patient care.

2. This innovation utilizes gene sequencing and testing to determine sensitivity to new drugs. Identifying potential mutations, physicians can administer treatments that are less likely to cause adverse side effects.

3. By analyzing genetic susceptibility to diseases, molecular medicine paves the way for researchers to develop future methods that will aid in the prevention of cancer and other illnesses.


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